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The theatre of Jacob Slagman doesn't need the big blowoff.

It's strength is the authenticity of playing.

It moves the soul of the audience with the light-heartedness of the fool.



Grasshoppers shop

The players of Slagman Producties travel through the universe of the shop of the Grassshopper where one can buy everything except the moon, the sun, and the stars. A story where the Grasshopper himself gets lost  in the unmeasurable dimensions of his own fantasy. A homage to imagination itself.

Don't stop flipping dreaming!!!! It is where your soul lives!!!!

website is partial in construction!! more info about this show follows!

Instant Paradise

New Show!!! Bookable from now on!!!

Heaven is empty. God feels useless. Adrian Schvarzstein and Jaap Slagman got the order to show the people on earth how wonderful heaven is. Angels, disguised as bellboys, come down to accomplish their task. Not used to normal earthly life, they get stuck in one absurd situation and from there to the other. A show about pride and prejudices, where the borders between heaven and hell are crossed till they disappear.


Touching, provoking and challenging!!



Visual show.  35 - 45 minutes.