current !

The 26 of august we will present our new StreetShow for a company of international Street festival organizers. The name of the Show is called BROOS. Translated from dutch it means Frail or Brittle or breakable. Its about two centuries-old friends who have a oath to meet every year to clean themselves and create a safe space where they can answer the question: "how are you", in all honesty. It is a show about celebrating life in all its conditions. Sounds Serious? Yes it is! But No Fear... we know that the outcome will be lighthearted and filled with crystal clear laughable humor and the show will be digestible by family audiences af all ages.


The 29 of september we will play a new piece called "the Hero" at the event of Miniaturen in the Theaterkontor in Bremen. About a wandering mouse who accidentally falls into an adventure of the east german writer Heiner Müller. Also for all ages.


May the fool be with you!

Jaap Slagman

The theatre of Jacob Slagman doesn't need the big blowoff.

It's strength is the authenticity of playing.

It moves the soul of the audience with the light-heartedness of the fool.



Grasshoppers shop

The players of Slagman Producties travel through the universe of the shop of the Grassshopper where one can buy everything except the moon, the sun, and the stars. A story where the Grasshopper himself gets lost  in the unmeasurable dimensions of his own fantasy. A homage to imagination itself.

Don't stop flipping dreaming!!!! It is where your soul lives!!!!