Theater Stadt Nomaden

Macbeth in the middle - mittendrin

June, 24th at 8 p.m. and 25th at 5 p.m.

Park am Leibnizplatz


TSN are a motley group, a nomadic family that turns your neighbourhood into the setting for their stories.
We conquer your neighbourhood and for a moment we redefine your familiar places. We make theatre for you and your neighbours. The wooden castle on the playground or the bench in the park becomes the backdrop for our dramas, heroic sagas and fairy tales, and yet they are only the starting points for our joint play, with which we bring great stories of the past to us in the present.


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HUCH!-THING - Theater trifft Helden

 Fleur Dikken, Felix Reisel & Jaap Slagman play, sing and tell big and small hero stories

16.-17. Sept. 2022 at 6 p.m.

bus Huchting - Amersfoorter Str. 8

EINTRITT FREI - Admission free

Huchting has a great diversity of cultures. This holds a treasure of experiences, memories, songs, stories, fairy tales and myths. They all live in this part of the city, share the bus or the cycle path or the street, the schools, the cultural centres and much more, namely their place in the world.


Many have had to leave parts of their culture behind. Memories fade, pictures gather dust on the shelf and stories are forgotten. The theatre makers and musicians Jaap Slagman, Felix Reisel and Fleur Dikken come from Bremen and the Netherlands and with their project they bring big and small heroines onto the stage by telling, together with their own, the stories of the people for whom Huchting is, has become or is about to become home.


The aim is not the big event, but the shared experience on location and the involvement of people and institutions in the district. By being close to places and people, this theatre project enables social participation and cultural identification areas.

 Jaap Slagman  •  Weg zum Krähenberg 57  •  28201 Bremen  •  Germany  •    •  +49 152 284 90 767