Canceling workshops In Dresden!!

I am very sorry to announce to you that the planned theater workshops  20-3 till 22-3 March in Statteilhaus are canceled due to the Covid 19 crisis.

Also the planned workshop on 17-19 of April 2020 is canceled for the same reason. We can hope for the workshops in may and june

I wish you and your dearest all the best in these uncertain times.


May The Fool be with you.

Jaap Slagman

* Broºs!  (A graveyard of past lifes)  The new Show of Slagmanproducties is finished. The work is done!!!

With this I sincerely thank Danny Molenaar for the intensive and dedicated work he put in the proces of working together with me on this show. Because of personal reasons he decided to stop. I decided to continue. The material was important and necessary to come out and be visible in a concrete show.


And let yourself be carried away in the collective unconscious, where a shaman (or is it a scammer?) Opens a door to a world where dream and reality intertwine. The ritual and performance give you a unique experience and the opportunity to be celebrated in its totality as a human being. A show without a head and a tail, but with a clear beginning and end. Long live mankind with all its destructive qualities and creative flaws !!!!


 More info goto Broºs



* The Hero :  Where a little mouse falls unwillingly in his very own hero story

After carrying this story for almost 25 years, I am so moved and touched that a form is been found to tell and play this story and give the audience a kind of same experience which I had when I read it for the first time. It is an adaptation of a story of Heiner Müller and I mixed it with elements of a story of a well known writer in the Netherlands: Toon Tellegen. To both I am really greatfull meeting them in this life.




more info: goto The Hero

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