Mik MacManikin

He is just a small gent standing about and waiting.
Someone singing without being a Singer.
Someone talking without being a taleteller.
He is nosy, direct and naughty!

A Manikin with a big ego and a small heart.
And although he is not always friendly and cordial, he is still the audiences' favourite.
But beware: do not take him too serious, because he is going to fool with you, too.

Jaap Slagman arrests again the audience's attention due to the plainness and the truthfulness of the created character.

An act in the grey zone between puppet show and reality.




technical details

sets: 6 x 15 min

audience: all ages
space: 1 x 1 meter

power supply: 220 v

 Jaap Slagman  •  Weg zum Krähenberg 57  •  28201 Bremen  •  Germany  •  info@slagmanproducties.nl    •  +49 152 284 90 767