The Hero


As you may already know…..

You can buy everything in the shop of the Grasshopper.

On this very day, that I tell you this story, the little shy mouse entered the shop and asked impulsively if he can buy an adventure, preferably with a good ending.

The grin on the face of the grasshopper widened when he heard the request of the mouse. Today is a good day to play a joke with someone, he thought.

„Come on you little big ear“, he said. „I’ve just the adventure you like“. „Its behind this door…“

And the little mouse sets off for a most scary and challenging adventure. Is it possible for him to slay his dragon? Will he survive and end the day with drinking a cup of tea with the Grasshopper?

Maybe… It depends …..All stories are written in the stars and I don’t know there outcome before hand.

Jaap Slagman plays, tells, dances, sings, fights in his and with his stories. Always being in the now and therefore giving you a fresh and crispy moment where everything has the possibility to be alive and radiant. In his vision of theatre and play there are no boundaries in creativity as long as he can enjoy and shine the light on that what is!

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