Mouse or dragon

As you may already know…..You can buy everything in the grasshopper's shop.

The shy little mouse actually wanted a pair of clean socks when he entered the shop. Instead, the grasshopper sells him an adventure right behind next door...  And so the little mouse sets off for a most scary and challenging adventure. Is it possible for him to slay his dragon? Will he survive to have a cup of tea with the grasshopper at the end of the day? And his socks...?


MOUSE OR DRAGON is inspired by the prose text "Herakles 2 oder die Hydra" by the East German writer Heiner Müller, which describes man's struggle against and with himself. Into this atmosphere, soaked in the force of the struggle, Slagman mixes the naïve-seeming characters from the animal stories of the well-known Dutch writer Toon Tellegen. The result is a moving performance in which Fleur Dikken plays her cello and singing saw virtuoso and Jaap Slagman narrates, sings and dances. Together they are the story. A bombardment of images and events. As an audience you get tangled up just like the mouse, you almost go under, but you come out lighter and changed.

Seemingly light entertainment, where one is touched in the soul by the stratification of the performance.


technical details:

sets: 2 x 45 min.
audience: all ages

language: German, Englisch, Dutch
space: 5 x 5 meters
power supply: 220 v


These visual impressions were taken at at.tension festival 2019

An audience reaction at the at.tension festival in Lärz:


 "Message: Hello Jaap,
thank you for the heart-warming performance at the at.tension festival. After seeing your performance everything else we attended seemed just mediocre. We even left for the day later on because we were overwhelmed with emotions.
We should have saved your show for Sunday evening as the pinnacle and essence of the festival. Looking forward to see you on the next at.tension!
Take care & thank you so much,

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