(A Graveyard of Past Lifes)


And let yourself be carried away in the collective unconscious, where a shaman (or is it a scammer?) opens a door to a world where dream and reality intertwine. The ritual and performance give you a unique experience and the opportunity to be celebrated in its totality as a human being. A show without a head and a tail, but with a clear beginning and end. Long live mankind with all its destructive qualities and creative flaws !!!!

A show where vulnerability is central. After an intensive process, Broºs has been created. The visible and entertaining result of voices and energies that have been hiding under the surface for a long time and can now shine and be seen in all their appearance.


Tex is a worn-out cowboy. He enjoyed life in all its extremes. Now is the end of his life. He visits his personal graveyard where he will die and be buried. The place is filled with graves of past characters being played before. Some are quite fresh and easy to remember and some are old and forgotten. He will tell and sing you about them and the respect and love he feels towards this past and then......he has to move on .....and steps in the abyss of the unknown. He dies unforgetfully as if he is human fireworks!!!! His new rol is given by....yes, by whom???????....and life continues.

technical details:

Visual Show

sets: 2x 40 minutes
audience: all ages
space: 6x6 meter
power supply: 220 v