New: Broos

Broos (brittle, fragile, frail) ist the new production of Danny Molenaar from LevendlIjf en Jaap Slagman. A highly visual theatre piece suitable for outdoor circumstances like streets, parks, fields, hills, dunes ...


We aim to be ready in february 2019 to present the results of our process !


Two century-old friends made an agreement with each other to meet once a year and clean themselves from the (mental) dirt they collected. They ritually prepare themselves and create a safe space wherein they would be able to answer the question „how are you?“ in the most honest and fragile (broos) way.


There will be a part where we will follow a script like an introduction, beginning, meeting, ritual ...

and there will be an improvisation part where we will not know what is about to happen.

The end and conclusion will be a celebration of that what happened. And then they part.

This all sound very serious and it is!!!

But as I know the both  of us the outcome  will be lighthearted, comic and digestible by a family audience off all ages.

It will be impossible to define our style: Lets call it theater. Where we will use all our skills. Like: Being, playing acting, singing, clowning mime dance


technical Details:

length: 40-45 minutes, to be played two times a day

suitable for all ages and nationalities

simple and fast setup, we try to be autonom (sound, electricity)


We thank Adrie van Essen for the residence at DIepenheim and are still searching for try-out possibilities in the beginning of 2019 and

a preferably international festival, where we can celebrate our Premiere.

 Jacob Jan Slagman  •  Weg zum Krähenberg 57  •  28201 Bremen  •  Germany  •  •  +31 6 22 44 63 10   •  +49 152 284 90 767