New show:  Broos


Broos (brittle, fragile, frail) ist the new production of Danny Molenaar  en Jaap Slagman. A highly visual theatre piece suitable for outdoor circumstances like streets, parks, fields, hills, dunes ...



Two century-old friends made an agreement with each other to meet once a year and clean themselves from the (mental) dirt they collected.


Tex and Peer have played clown all year round. Tex as an Oil Magnate and Rich Stinker WanttoHaveitallrightnow. Pear has been a Greengrocer, an Anythingelselittleman. And finally the year is over. They look forward to the agreement they have with each other. To meet at a special place and Tell each other what they have experienced and have endured. To lay of their roles and do what they do best. Being free. And do what they want. It doesn't matter what. That this is not easy after a year of bearing the "respectable responsibility" yoke, is obvious. They have to come loose and step over some barriers. But then they set of in crazy situations and they enjoy the dance of life.

An Annoying mosquito keeps disturbing the peace. That it comes to a climax because of this little creature .... Nobody expected that.  And we should have known. Because we play in this performance. It is a clear surprise every time we do not know what exactly happens.

Wish you Lots of fun,

Slagman en Molenaar


technical Details:

length: 40-45 minutes, to be played two times a day

suitable for all ages and nationalities

simple and fast setup, we try to be autonom (sound, electricity)


If you are interested in why we made this highly sensitive show you can read some background here



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