A travelling case opens…quaint figures surface, archetypes, as if arisen from a puppet case: King and Fool, Cop and Robber, Hunter and Rabbit. The case is their home as well as their podium. They know they´re not alone and are curious of their audience. And so the play of the types begins: sometimes rapid and sometimes solemn, sometimes unbearably loud and then again very quiet, sometimes naughty and at the next instant heart warmingly endearing...


The Act is bubbling over from bizarre situations and its pace is stamped by permanent change of character by the two players. A blackboard suffices for everything they need. With one stroke of a feather there emerges a sceptre, a sword and sometimes even a pocket calculator, whole places appear and vanish again and so often determine the course of the plot.




technical details:

Visual Show/No text

sets: 2x 40-50 minutes
audience: all ages
space: 4 x 4 x 4 meters
power supply: 220 v

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