Why Broos?

Two centurie-old friends made an agreement with each other to meet once a year and clean themselves from the (mental) dirt they collected. They ritually prepare themselves and create a safe space wherein they are able to answer the question „how are you?“ in the most honest and fragile (broos) way.
There will be a part where we will follow a script. Like our introduction, beginning, meeting, ritual and there will be an improvisation part where we will not know what is about to happen. The end and conclusion will be a celebration of that what happened. And then they part.
This all sound very serious and it is!!! But as I know us both the outcome of our proces will be lighthearted, comic and digestible by a family audience off all ages.
It will be impossible to define our style: Lets call it theater. Where we will use all our skills. Like: Being, playing acting, singing, clowning mime dance

Lot of the troubles in the world comes from the fact that we are not able to share our deepest voices. We are not seen. Voices who stay in the dark will get out in detour , in aroundabout, in a projection on others, in creating scapegoats for our fears. That is a proces wich is not fair. Not to the one who receive the projection and not fair for the one who projects. In this case there is no place for healing and all is set for war. We hide behind stronger and stronger defences. And what talks to eachother are these walls. We are not able anymore to see what is behind and we do not dare to break down the wall afraid of being HURT. But the pain wants to be seen.... And not only that. Where is it possible to share our extaltic joy of life? Our bursting possibility to laugh about nothing? So we focus not only on so called very dramatic and sensible matters. No...stupidity and being joyfull is a condition too.

In our opinion there is a need for people of all groups and ages to have and find places where they are able to be recognised as humanbeings with all their

oddities, without being judged. To play and celebrate is a key possibilitie to be seen in this situation. We are more than what we are on the daily outside. Even when it seems ugly what we see. As human beings we share collective needs, dreams, wishes, hopes, fears. angers. The form in which they appear is social, cultural and tribal specific. In the core and on soul level they don't differ. We want to give with our show an opportunity to the people to see and feel this and participate in this......and shine like crazy diamonds in the sky

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